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Nava banka

In order to fulfil its market role, Nava Bank needs to maintain the confidence of its customers, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders by acting with professionalism and integrity as well as behaving with prudence and skill. Our mission is to be client-focused, innovative and low-cost provider of financial services where the Bank can create added value. Delivered added value to clients is the most important objective as our existence depends first and foremost on our ability to serve the requirements of our clients. Our private clients are better educated and more critical today, they want to be in control of business information and their own financial position, but they also still look for advices, especially as legislation and tax regulations become more complex. They appreciate a full range of financial solutions and they expect value for money, quality, convenience, instant delivery and a personal approach. Nava Bank aims to offer them the products and services they need to meet their goals.

Relationships with employees are based upon respect for the individual. Nava Bank aims to provide all its employees with safe conditions of work and competitive terms of employment. The Bank is also trying to built up a wide range of employee skills and benefits, in combination with sophisticated administrative support. The Bank expects the highest levels of personal conduct by all its employees, whatever their position. It is acknowledged that all effective business relationships depend upon honesty, integrity and fairness. All employees are expected to handle information with care. In particular, the confidentiality of all data processing should be safeguarded. Within the bounds of commercial confidentiality, Nava Bank places the greatest importance on open and transparent communications with its customers, employees and shareholders. Our main priority is to adjust to the new economic reality by adapting the cost base to subdued revenue prospects. Focusing on operational efficiency and effectiveness has been an ongoing part of strategic approach to improve our basic financial targets: market growth, profitability and efficiency.

More information available at: http://www.navabanka.hr/

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